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What they're using
What our current customers are using to get their jobs done.
Mini Excavators
Takeuchi TB216H

New hybrid technology that allows this powerful excavator to work in environments not suited for combustion engines. The compact size and dual power capabilities of the Takeuchi TB216H allow it to work in a wide range of applications that may have limited accessability and noise and clean air requirements. It is ideal for plumbing, landscaping, utility installation, interior demolition, and rental applications. Performance is identical between the diesel engine and electric motor, and the controls are the same regardless of operating mode.

Operating Weight: 4,277lbs
HP Diesel: 14.9
HP Electric: 14.2
Dig Depth: 7'10"
Bucket Breakout Force: 4,250lbs
Takeuchi TB 14/15/16 Excavator
Mini Excavators
TB 14 TB 15 TB 16
Weight 3,208 lbs 3,406 lbs
Height 7'5" 7'5"
Width 3'3" 4'3"
Bucket Sizes: 8" 12" 18"
Takeuchi TB125 Excavator
Mini Excavators
Weight 6,151 lbs
Height 8'
Width 4'9""
Bucket Sizes: 12" and 18"
Takeuchi TB135 Excavator
Mini Excavators
Weight 7,606 lbs
Height 8'
Width 5'4""
Bucket Sizes 12", 18" and 24"
Hammer 750 lbs
Takeuchi TB145 Excavator
Mini Excavators
Weight 10,494 lbs
Height 8'5"
Width 6'
Bucket Size 24"
Hammer 750 lbs
Takeuchi TB53FR
Mini Excavators
Weight 12,430 lbs
Height 8'5"
Width 6'7"
Bucket Sizes 24"
Additional Tight turning radius
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